What We Do

What We Do

The Kalamazoo Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition is fighting trafficking in Kalamazoo County. We do this through awareness, advocacy, training, and victim assistance.



We educate our community about the true nature of human trafficking, equipping people to recognize it and know what to do about it. To request a speaker from KAHTC to present to your group, click here. For information on an upcoming KAHTC awareness event, click here.


Together with the Junior League of Kalamazoo, we advocate for legislation at the state level that will benefit the anti-trafficking cause in Michigan.


We train professionals who might likely come into contact with someone in a trafficking situation (law enforcement, teachers, medical staff, social workers, etc.) to recognize and respond to trafficking. We also teach adolescents how to avoid being targeted by sex traffickers. To request a training, click here.


We coordinate services for people coming out of a trafficking situation. We work with organizations in the area to provide housing, counseling, medical help, and aid with transitioning into a healthy life. To request services, click here.



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