The reality of human trafficking in Kalamazoo

When the movie “Taken” was released, it gave audiences a scenario to link with their fear of human trafficking. This scenario has come to mind for plenty of people as the way human trafficking works: being dragged out of a home or off the streets into a van by a kidnapper. While it can’t be said for all cases of human trafficking, that isn’t how it generally takes place.

Source: The reality of human trafficking in Kalamazoo

We’re raising money to help Eve’s Angels open a safe home!

If you’re a business owner or know one, Eve’s Angels is doing S.P.A (Sex Trafficking Prevention & Awareness) Month in September. We’re buying a safe home, making Eve’s Angels more than 10% of the national resource for victims of sex trafficking who need residential refuge. We’re partnering with businesses for September who want to be the answer to the epidemic. Your business can donate a set amount or a percent of sales in Sept. and we will promote your company on all of our platforms, plus it’s a tax write off for your company.
For more info and to get signed up for SPA month, send us an email titled SPA at:
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Let’s make a difference.