Do You Need Help or Suspect Trafficking?

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline:

1-888-3737-888 or text to 233733

YWCA Human Trafficking Hotline for Michigan:   269-345-2869

FBI Kalamazoo Office: 269-349-9607

Resources for victims & survivors 

Contact us to help coordinate services for victims and survivors:

Soul Survivors Support Group

Support Group for those who have been trafficked and for those leaving the sex trade. Click for more information.

University of Michigan Human Trafficking Law Clinic

U of M HT Law Clinic offers database of human trafficking cases in Michigan. More importantly, they prosecute traffickers and help victims. If you need to contact the clinic, we can help or the above trafficking hotline can put you in touch with them, too.


211 Hotline

Sacred Beginnings Transitional Living Home

A home for adult women transitioning out of prostitution or sex trafficking

Manasseh Project

Manasseh Project runs a home for girls ages 13-18 coming out of sex trafficking

Alternatives for Girls

Immigrant Justice Center

Provides all manner of resources for immigrants in need.

Farmworker Legal Services of Michigan

Ethical Shopping

Holiday Shopping Guide search results to find out how your favorite brands rank ethically. You can also download their app to scan barcodes.

Buycott app use their guide to buy ethically made products shop from ethical companies

Confections With Convictions: organic fair trade chocolate confections made in Kalamazoo

Fourth Coast: Kalamazoo coffee house offering all fair-trade coffee

Euphoria Coffee: order direct-trade coffee from this company in Kalamazoo


Let Companies Know What You Think


Information for Teens & Tweens a great site where teens and parents can learn about trafficking information about porn’s effects internet safety information anti-porn information and resources trafficking information specifically for teens amazing resource for parents of teens and tweens

Toolkit for Parents: How Your Son Can Stop Sexual Exploitation

Information About Trafficking

The United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking 2016 Report search the site with terms “human trafficking”

Click here for videos about trafficking

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